Msabrono Nasiho



(Former Diocesan Metropolitan of Niranam, Quilon and Thumpamon of Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church)



Korooso Desroro Sofar

Malankara Malpan

Very Rev. (Dr.) Curien Corepiscopa Kaniamparambil





Rinu Puthicode, Mepral


George Kurian was born as the second son of Poothicote Paikandathil Cherian George & Annamma in the year 1935 on 1st May. He had his basic education in his home town. as deacon by H.G Ghevarghese Mor Gregorios of Angamaly in 1956. In the same year he was ordinate as priest by HG Paulose Mor Philoxinous (Later Catholicose Mar Baselios Paulose II). While he was doing his graduation an emergency situation aroused he and his relatives suffered a lot from the opposition fraction during his ordination ceremony to priest hood. The bishop Thoma Mar Divaniyasious of Niranom, Kollam Thumpamon Diocese had played much politics during this time, Paikandathil Fr. George Kurian became the vicar of the church. Fr. George Kurian was a devout and saintly person, but his allegiance to the Patriarch of Antioch was unalterable. As there was a temporary peace in the Malankara church, he became the parish priest for both the sides from 1964 to 1974. As the vicar of the church, he was highly respected and loved by all. He was there always for the poor and the sick irrespective of religious or factional differences, and he worked hard for the general improvement of Mepral. By 1972, there were again disputes in the Kerala church. A group from the previous metran party wanted to severe all connections with the Patriarch of Antioch, and make the Kerala church an independent autocephalous church. The vocal extremist groups finally won, and the church was divided in to two factions again.


It was at this time that Poothicote Paikandathil Fr. George Kurian (1935-1995) was consecrated as Metropolitan Kuriakose Mor Koorilose by the Patriarch of Antioch in Damascus in 1974. The Indian Orthodox faction refused to accept him as their bishop. This again resulted in controversies and litigation in the Mepral church, and it still continues. Arrangement of worship services in the church continues by an agreement by both parties. Both conduct Eucharist services in the Church on different times on each Sunday. He took pain to coordinate the functioning of the church; he personally took interest to conduct conventions in our church. He even requested humbly to his relatives for providing food for the speakers. When he asked one of his cousin to provide food, she said that there was no coconut to make curry, suddenly a bunch of coconut fall from a near by coconut tree and He said “Chedathy enni thenga ventayallo”.While at the time of Perunnal many people used to come fully drunk, which he never liked, he called one prominent drunkard and asked him to not to come for Perunnal using liquor but he said “Acha nanjan jeevanodu undakil kudichey varu”.this person didn’t see the Perunnal. All these prove that he was a saint while he was with us alive.


He had done many things for Mepral village, he took special interest in construction & maintenances of roads, canals for irrigation, and schools for children, dream project of Hospital at Mepral, Library for youths etc.but he was alone and always a Good Samaritan for others. Like Jesus Christ He was not accepted by his own people. My father had told me that while he was the vicar of our church he didn’t have any thing to draw as salary at the end of every month, since he used to take money in advance and give others who approach him for monetary help. In course of time Poothicote Kuriakose Mor Koorilose became a highly respected and revered bishop in Kerala by Christians and non- Christians alike. Unfortunately Bishop Mor Koorilose passed away on March 21, 1995, when he was only 60 years, and his mortal remains were interred in the Adoor Jacobite church.




Rev. Dn. Thomas Puthicote & Alex Mathew Puthicote




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