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Although I had very few direct interactions with late Kurilos Thirumeni of blessed memory, I remember those few occasions fondly. My first introduction to Thirumeni was as a child in the mid-70s in Ernakulam. Thirumeni was at the business office of one of my relatives with whom he was close. He was busy working on procurement of materials for the technical institute his diocese administered. When my parents and I were taken to the room where he was engrossed in work, he immediately stood up from his chair even though he didn't directly know any of us. Though I do not recollect the details of the conversation, the humility, grace and warmth with which Thirumeni conducted himself left an indelible impression in my young mind. Even though short in physique, he towered tall!

My last encounter with Thirumeni was on the pilgrimage to Manjinikkara by foot in February 1988. We had started from Karingachira the previous morning. By the time we reached Thiruvalla it was late night. There were thousands on the streets all worn out from the arduous journey by foot. I was very hungry and tired as we approached the Simhasana church. Thirumeni was on the road side handing out food. My mother and I reached out our hands amidst the crowds to receive a humble package wrapped in plaintain leaf and newspaper. While the crowds were swarming around, Thirumeni was looking out for everyone making sure that no one left empty handed. Never had I experienced the pangs of hunger as I did that night and never since. My childhood experience of hunger was indirect through the faces of the unfortunate whom my grandmother used to feed often at the courtyard of my ancestral home. Here I was for the first time at the receiving end. As the frailty of my human existence stared squarely at my face, the grace of the humble shepherd feeding the forlorn masses at that late hour, just as our Saviour did, was etched into my memory.


 May Lord raise such true shepherds in our Church! May the memory of the late shepherd be a blessing for us all!


l-kohnayk aneeh baynoth keené bro daloho

b-hoy malkootho d-lo meshtaryo `am qadeeshé

O Son of God, grant rest to the priests among the just

in that indestructible kingdom, with the holy ones.



Fr. Jose Daniel Paitel


About My Thirumeni.


It Was a great shock when I got the news of the sad demise of my Thirumeni. I think that was at 6.55 in the evening after the evening prayer of mid-lent Wednesday. I am so thankful to Mor Milithiose Thirumeni he was then the diocesan secretary, asked me, to send a photo of Thirumeni to Doordarshan. Because Doorddarshan was unwilling to telecast the news without an authorization. So I just informed them about the urgency of the moment and asked them to wait for my messenger to reach there. I request Mr. Binu Jacob Thandasseril, From Manarcadu, I think now he is working in Kuwait, to write the real  time experience of reaching Doordarshan Kendra, on such a busy route to Raj Bhavan on the occasion of swearing in ceremony of Mr. A. K. Antony, as the CM. of Kerala


I am sorry about my fall in keeping couple of Thirumeni's ambitions, such as "You should be with me when I am passing, "the time he was waiting for and prepared for. Many many occasions Thirumeni, was mentioned about his last days. Another one was final resting place. St. George Chapel at Kavumbhagom  Thruvalla, was the place he was intended to get his final rest. He disclosed it to me when I refused to take charge of the same chapel, on 1986 period, some how that was never happened.


Thirumeni was passed away after the three day cleric retreat at Adoor. I couldn't attend the retreat, and I send the late Rev. Deacon Rajeev, Kakkuzhiyil. from Malabar to give my written request of absence, for the retreat, as I was under treatment after a bike accident.


Still I am painful about my loss of my Thirumeni. I lost everything, I lost my mentor, I lost somebody to fear, I lost somebody who is looking for my progress. I lost somebody who is confident about me.  He was a real Saint. His prayer was silent and it was powerful in every sense. He prayer for the sick was answered like an electric shock. His paternal love was incomparable hope his grace is still with me in every activities of my life. I am so thankful to Thirumeni, in selecting me as the first-born, soon-after his consecration as the metropolitan. I have tons of memories.  Thanks


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